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1C:Document management will receive English interface

17 Апреля 2015

Responding to the numerous requests from customers and understanding the importance of empowerment work with software products 1C, the company "Koderline" is preparing to release "1C:Document management CORP 2.0 English interface". At this stage, we are testing UI configuration in which all the names of objects and subsystems of the Russian version will appear in English, because technically the platform 1C allows translating any configuration into a necessary language. The whole system can be easily adapted to the needs of separate company, and exchange data with other information systems.

The configuration "1C:Document management CORP" is intended for the complex solution of a wide range of automation tasks of accounting documents, employee engagement, control and analysis of performance discipline. The English version in this plan designs to facilitate the work of employees of the Russian business companies with foreign partners/customers, or international companies, where the internal documentation is in English.

The test solution enables English-speaking clients/partners to use all the advantages and conveniences of working with the program 1C:Document management 2.0 – it was considerably improved in comparison with the previous version. As the company 1C declares, in the version 2.0 there were largely changed the logic of the program, added new functions and subsystems, seriously processed more than 1,000 forms. This was the result of usability tests, surveys and observations of users in the program. They are talking about the use of new platform capabilities 8.3.5; an interface was transferred to "Taxi" which raised the usability of key interfaces and performance of key operations. There is development of service functions of key mechanisms for collaborative work and ECM. There are such opportunities as booking of rooms, account of absent, templates of resolutions, a new address/telephone book, a new calendar, a list of "My Documents", encrypted by the obligatory certificate, "Metrics" and many other things. The main functional blocks of the program remain the same: "Documents and files", "Events", "Regulatory reference Data", "Collaboration " and so on.


Project manager Alexander Logachev:

– The broad and universal functionality of the presented program became more convenient, easier to set up. You can create and modify complex internal business processes, use the compatibility with other versions of programs and 1C. The program can be easily adjusted and adapted to the specifics of a particular organization.

The English-language interface of configuration is now being tested, we are working on the nuances, polish to maximally possible perfection. In combination with the required functionality it will provide an opportunity to carry out both internal communications and to develop relationships with external shareholders, partners or customers, to improve the management of the company. It will be possible to analyze and accept administrative decisions quickly, to search and view all the documents, agreements stored in. Also it will be easier to solve problems of automation of co-operation and work with documents by the English-speaking staff of companies.

We can already say that the presence of two interfaces – Russian-language and English-language – will allow companies to have a uniform system for account and data exchange, to work with documents of any type, will provide quick access, as well as facilitate the search and increase the efficiency of work with internal and official documents. Such a "tandem" will contribute to the development of companies, expanding target market.

The English-language version supports the multiuser work in a local network or via the Internet, including web-browsers.

For all interested customers the company "Koderline" now provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the test multilingual version, making a request by e-mail aberbeka@koderline.ru